KERR POINT 4 COMPOSITE. 4gm Syringe. Choose Shade
Product: KERR POINT 4 COMPOSITE. 4gm Syringe. Choose Shade
Price: $49.95
Product description:
Point 4 has been used by dentists for many years and substantial testing supports its proven success.

Because of its Microfill elements it polishes smoothly and rapidly.

It provides a true chameleon effect, blending perfectly with the enamel.

The average particle size of Point 4 is 0.4 microns, providing strength while offering great polishing capacity.

This combination allows Point 4 to be used in all areas of the dentition, saving the dentist a significant amount on composite inventory that may be used for marketing to attract new patients.

Also Point 4 is radiopaque, providing excellent imaging results.

All shades available, if you do not see an item please do not hesitate to call Total Dental in Miami, Florida at (888) 592-4238.